Distance is immaterial when two people want to take the plunge and tie the knot. Here’s A Letter to 2023 Brides, From Vhakkal- The Konkani Bride.

Dear Bride to be.
We have always bonded on the one thing that is the need of the hour now – love!

“Marriages are about love & commitment
It’s about two souls coming together
And sharing memorable moments
And staying so for eternity”.

A Wedding is possibly one of the happiest and most memorable moments in a woman’s life.
It’s not just for the bride herself, but also for both the families and friends involved.
It’s a journey that has various steps, right from picking a wedding date, to the dress, to the venue and of course – the makeup.

While we have just begun, we will try our best to share umpteen love stories and wedding stories over the years with you and how we helped lovely brides in planning their wedding, While the current pandemic has brought things to a halt and limitation in celebrating.
At Vhakkal, we believe that nothing should come in between two people in love. And we want to take this opportunity and tell you – we’re in this together!

While the whole world has been hit hard by the lockdown,
While all of us have been hit hard by the lockdown, we understand that its been specially heartbreaking for brides and grooms to be who had planned for months for their wedding day, meticulously charting out details so that it goes exactly as imagined , only to have a cloud of uncertainty loom over it.

While we cannot ascertain or predict when the situation will get better, what we can say for sure is it WILL get better. A few years from now, when the only type of Corona
You WILL have your dream wedding, with the person you love the way you imagined….. perhaps just not at the time you imagined.

A few years from now, you will be revisiting your old memories spent during the lockdown period and sitting next to your husband laughing over a Netflix movie, your wedding date and its postponement will be the last of your thoughts.

Whether you have postponed your wedding or decided to celebrate it intimately, we are ready to share the load and help you out in every possible way. Right from choosing a makeup artist, fashion designer, photographer, booking a venue or whatever is in your mind. Hum toh apne team ke saath ready hai. Kya aap hai shaadi ready? We understand that in these days of gloom and despair, a little positivity will go a long way in brightening up your days so we will continue to do so. We hope that our stories of love, positivity and wedding inspirations keep motivating you to look forward to a brighter tomorrow.

Introducing WFH- Oh, I mean Wedding From Home or at Any venue- We’ve got your back with our extensive service.
Wedding planning par No adjustment-

DM us your details.
And on D-day, our Bridal Make-up & Hairstylist, Photographer, Videographer are available.
Hum toh apne team ke saath ready hai.
Kya aap hai shaadi ready?

Available for virtual wedding, intimate wedding or on any venue.
So the nuptials can happen even in social distancing.

We know it isn’t the way you’d thought it would be, but as long as you have each other, we know it will be perfect.

If at all you would like to reach out to us, know that you can always do so by writing to us at konkanivhakkal@gmail.com or reaching out to us at 7975276336 You are in our thoughts!

Thank you